persuasión moral

persuasión moral
• moral persuasion

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  • Moral suasion — (a phrase from the Latin words “moral” and “suasio” which denote respectively “conduct or character that is right and virtuous”[1] and “to present in a pleasing manner”[2] sometimes known as Jawboning[3]), is defined in the economic sphere as… …   Wikipedia

  • Moral entrepreneur — A moral entrepreneur is a person who seeks to influence a group to adopt or maintain a norm. The moral entrepreneur may press for the creation or enforcement of a norm for any number of reasons, altruistic or selfish. Some examples of moral… …   Wikipedia

  • persuasion — /peuhr sway zheuhn/, n. 1. the act of persuading or seeking to persuade. 2. the power of persuading; persuasive force. 3. the state or fact of being persuaded or convinced. 4. a deep conviction or belief. 5. a form or system of belief, esp.… …   Universalium

  • Moral influence theory of atonement — Part of a series on Atonement in Christianity Moral influence Recapitulation Substitutionary …   Wikipedia

  • moral — adj. & n. adj. 1 a concerned with goodness or badness of human character or behaviour, or with the distinction between right and wrong. b concerned with accepted rules and standards of human behaviour. 2 a conforming to accepted standards of… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Moral Suasion — A persuasion tactic used by an authority (i.e. Federal Reserve Board) to influence and pressure, but not force, banks into adhering to policy. Tactics used are closed door meetings with bank directors, increased severity of inspections, appeals… …   Investment dictionary

  • moral suasion — noun Persuasion brought to bear by appeals to ones moral sense or ethics. The temperance movement also exacerbated ethnic tensions. Before 1850 this movement had been primarily one of self denial and moral suasion aimed at persuading the… …   Wiktionary

  • Moral Suasion —    The use of persuasion rather than coercion by central banks and governments to influence market participants …   Financial and business terms

  • moral suasion — A regulatory body s use of argument and persuasion, rather than coercion or legislation, to influence the activities of those within its purview. The term is often applied to the efforts of the Federal Reserve Board (see Federal Reserve System)… …   Big dictionary of business and management

  • Socrates and the beginnings of moral philosophy — Hugh H.Benson INTRODUCTION Cicero in Tusculan Disputations famously tells us that Socrates first called philosophy down from the sky, set it in cities and even introduced it into homes, and compelled it to consider life and morals, good and evil …   History of philosophy

  • Acoso moral — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda El zoólogo Konrad Lorenz, creador de la Etología observó el acoso grupal en algunas especies faunísticas, lo llamó mobbing. El psicólogo Heinz Leymann estudió el acoso grupal y sus efectos psicosomáticamente… …   Wikipedia Español

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